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Our footprint spans across a vast spectrum of businesses, creating an expansive universe of storytelling, entertainment, and innovation. From advertising that captures the essence of brands to events that transport you to otherworldly realms, from the silver screen to the golden age of television, our influence extends to every corner of the visual and auditory landscape.
Our visionary endeavors in the metaverse redefine the boundaries of reality, offering immersive experiences and groundbreaking technological innovations that bridge the realms of the physical and the digital.
In the attention economy, successful advertising is about respecting users' time and interests. Leveraging technology, AI, and storytelling can help create ads that are not only seen but also genuinely appreciated by the audience, ultimately redefining the advertising landscape for the better.

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About us

Cherapunjee is a media-tech company at the center of pop culture, connecting content, community and commerce.

We work across a broad array of businesses including advertising, OOH, events, film, TV, audio, music, books, consumer products, digital and web3.

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